company`s introduction

We give you our best greetings ….

Our company is one of those whom have big experience in working in the ministry of developing planningwith a capital of ( 500000000) Dinar / five hundred million Iraqi Dinar.
The company has substantial capability that exceeds ten Billion Iraqi Dinars , and has several tools and machinery with specialized advising staff of great experience in the engineering and technical field that make her able to implement the hardest and biggest of projects in spite of their technical sophistication.
The company was established in 2004 and became now one of the largest companies in Iraq , and implemented many contracts for the benefit of many parties , such as the rehabilitation of secondary schools for the benefit of children care organization ( UNICEF) and also did the rehabilitation of more than a medical center for the ( UNICEF) , and built many warehouses and industrial workshops for the ministry of education.


Atheer :( 00964-07801803833)

Iraqna : ( 00964-07902907600)

Asia cell: ( 00964-07702817445)
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Al Rashid bank – Erkeitta branch – Baghdad

Al Ahli bank – Al Firdos square- Baghdad

Al Arabi bank – Amman – Jordan